About me

I’m a computer science researcher, with broad spectrum of interests. Over time my focus changed from Robotics to AI to Compilers and Runtimes.


My own

Humanity is so simple that nobody can believe it.

Magic? Is real but hard to explain especially if life is complex.

Galaxy and that stuff we haven’t “touched” .. well that could be more complex then humanity.

TCP, now, that is complex, all right but wait humanity is simple! TCP is trivial in comparison.


We become what we do (Pierre Gauthier)

Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right. (Henry Ford)

Things I do

Constantly approaching the defense of my PhD thesis on an obscure machine learning technique “JSM method” in application to chemestry.

Contibuting to the D programming language - authored 2 modules of standard library, also do tools and other small additions.

Working at the next-gen of banking in Russia - Tinkoff.

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D language

Academic stuff, for highly inclined