Holistic scientist

13 Apr 2023

L1-L7 of human interaction - the network engineer perspective

Let us dive right in and outline an OSI model of humans. While the philosophical construct is inspired by the network model, you will see how it is all different yet very much the same.

L1. Knowledge, proof of existence

The lowliest of all - one human knows that another human exists, and in fact may have a name and personality. This is the lowliest of all - the pure basics, most people who know Arnold Schwarzenegger, know it purely at L1 level. Celebrities interact with millions on L1 level, it is incredibly powerful since it is easy to go up from L1 to L2/L3. Otherwise you would have to establish L1 first, and it may be harder than it seems.

Next levels also have strong “network” effect but exploiting it o the scale of millions is practically impossible.

L2. Physical and biological

The level encompasses all things common to the most mammals: pheromones, visual and tactile perception, sexual interest and  prospecting for food. There is nothing happening at L2 that cannot be shown to also happen (in some other form) with most primates, dolphins, elephants and others.

L3. Social hierarchy and groups (labeling)

This level introduces an elaborate addressing scheme - in many ways dictating who can talk to who and how. Any process that involves dividing people into groups is L3, the simple examples is: “people who find this article interesting” vs “people who hate it” vs “everybody else”. Hierarchy and (implicit) separations of people who command and people who work is also L3, any argument where you try to prove that somebody is wrong is L3 interaction and no amount of your self-delusion will change that to L4 (unless you stop wasting time on moving that person from one group to another). It seems most of human interactions (sadly) do not go above L3. If in doubt what it is than “it’s L3 being utilized to get L2 benefits”.

L4. Ideas, thoughts, their argumentation

The level of ideas, free from trying to label people in one or the other group. Theoretical science, practical science and everything that is done without the need to advance political (=L3) or material =L2/L3) agenda. The moment L3 becomes our goal L4 fades away but still works as a powerful tool for more lowly interaction. On this level we start to appreciate people for the ideas they generate and how they lay them down, regardless of what these ideas may represent and whose social status they might improve.

L5. Meta ideas and philosophy

Ideas about ideas. It is the level where the idea itself is no longer interesting and labeling the person who produces them is long done. Morphology of ideas, how they get constructed. How we come to sets of beliefs and thoughts, recognition of thought process, the whole genealogy of thoughts, how and why certain thoughts survive or resurface after hundreds of years. The exchange of meta ideas and frameworks of meta-ideas is a clear sign of L5 interaction.

L6. Mutual joy of self-awareness and harmony

It is logically next after L5 is established. Getting happiness by realizing that every level (L2-L5) is beautiful in its own way, every level includes and builds upon all the previous ones. L6 reflects pure pleasure of understanding that you can interact with others at every level that seems right for the moment and no level is worse than other in any way. The moment you stop getting frustrated that discussion is devolving from L5->L4->L3 is the clear point in time where you start getting what L6 is.

L7. Beyond mortality

Nobody of the living was here, but some might imagine vividly what it would look like. In any case we all, remember our ancestors (L1, L3), live using the fruits of their work (L3, L4), continue or abandon their ideas (L4/L5) and bear their cultural codes (L3). But the most beautiful of it all is L6, soft modest happiness that you can “share” with your long gone relatives knowing that you still interact with them (L3-L5) even when L2 is no more (or nominal) and L1 has changed its meaning. This intricate form of existence after death as a (small, large, huge) of L3-L5 interactions with the living is L7.