Holistic scientist

16 Apr 2023

UserModeScheduling in Windows

User mode schuduling in Windows is such a hot topic that there is about 3 total post about it on the internet. The stakes are high! First …
13 Apr 2023
11 Apr 2023

D Biggest Mistake

DLang’s biggest mistake - transitive qualifiers Make no mistake - thread-local by default is great! But shared should have been storage …
21 Mar 2019

Towards My New Philosophy

It’s been a rough adventure but I couldn’t have arrived to the same deep conclusions of utmost simplicity if it wasn’t for traumatic events. …
05 Aug 2017

JSM as Machine Learning

For a long time I wanted to establish a layman’s description of JSM method, its application in machine learning and showcase a practical …
15 Jun 2017

Inside D's GC

At the DConf 2017 hackathon I adventurously led a druntime group (of 2 persons) hacking on D’s GC. After a few hours I couldn’t shake off …