JSM as Machine Learning

For a long time I wanted to establish a layman’s description of JSM method, its application in machine learning and showcase a practical example of its use. Instead of focusing on the intricate theoretical foundation it will be based off the simplified definition obtained by Anshakov. The paper is sadly in Russian as is the case with most information on JSM, hence today’s post.

Author's profile picture Dmitry Olshansky on jsm, ml, and scala

Inside D's GC

At the DConf 2017 hackathon I adventurously led a druntime group (of 2 persons) hacking on D’s GC. After a few hours I couldn’t shake off the nagging feeling “boy, this could use a rewrite”. So I decided to start on the quest of better GC for D, the first iteration being faster classic mark-sweep collector.

Author's profile picture Dmitry Olshansky on gc, runtime, and dlang